system for pharmacological interpretation of the human genome

NGS Data Analysis

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WES/WGS data processing, custom analysis, and reporting
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RNAseq data analysis and interpretation​
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Data presentation and visualization of the NGS results​

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Intelliseq is a team of experienced scientist, geneticists, bioinformaticians and software engineers. We have already solved many problems for our clients globally. Let us help you with yours. 

and software engineering

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Development of custom pipelines and tools
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De novo genome assembly
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Configuration and set-up of NGS data analysis platform

High-throughput sequencing

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Comprehensive realization of NGS process
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Planning and consulting from experimental setup to NGS data analysis
DNA sequencing is performed by the lab certified with American College of Pathologists (CAP) certificate, US FDA – 21 CFR compliant laboratory process, ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ISO9001 , ISO14001, ISO27001, OHSAS18001. Our clients are provided with access to a platform, which enables additional options for variants filtering and prioritization

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One of the Intelliseq clients is a healthcare facility, which either uses IntelliseqFlow or cooperates with our team in large projects. 

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